The struggle is REEL; Bass fishing

Waking up at 4:45 in the morning, in 45 degree  weather, to drive over an hour to a friend’s house, getting on the boat, but yet still have that fear in the back of your mind that you will  not catch a single bass. To me, bass are the most particular fish in picking their food for the day. Some days you can catch them on rubber worms, other days it seems like they just will not bite anything.

Maybe you’re better bass fisherman then I am or just have better luck, but I’ve only caught six bass in my life and only two were decent size.  Some days, I will throw crank baits and all morning from 7 AM till 10:30 AM and nothing.

There were four of us fishing all morning with crank baits, all of us getting tired of just basically dipping your bait in water. At a split second, it all changed when a bass just decides to jump out at the bait, totally catching us by surprise. Amazed on how big bass can really get because of our lack of experience in catching bass.

I thought to myself  it was because I said a little rhyme or a saying that “just wait, there’s going to be a life changing  second where the fish will start biting and we are all going to catch bass”.

Once reeling this Bass in, it was the fight of my life. I can’t imagine the sickening feeling i would have felt  if i had lost this bass.  I will put a video of this experience that was caught on a go-pro , just forgive me for having very strong language in the video. It really was an incredible day.

I have been out there again, about four more times after and three of those times it was a total bust. {leave a comment} and give me a  suggestion, or some insight if you’ve caught bass in your life and had success at it,. I still have hope that I will become a better bass fisherman one day at a time.

To watch video click link  HERE

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