Does a bear s*** in the woods?

Being woken up on a Saturday morning, especially when you plan on sleeping until the afternoon, is the worst thing anybody can do to me.  This particular day, it was not one of my roommates, it was not parents, or even my crazy aunt with a vacuum cleaner. Simply one of the most scary/exciting hunting moment was looking out my window and seeing a black bear going through our barbecue grill. Also to make facts even more terrifying is our living room door was wide open.

I was living in Seattle, Washington in the year 2014. At this time in my life, I was not living near the city, I was living near farms and pumpkin patches as well as  one of Washington state’s natural reserve. I had seen coyotes, a wolf, deer, and pretty much all the animals you would see in the Northwest woods.  I spent time in WA state  from September till May and all the Bears were in hibernation at the time, so hunting was not an option. It was a particular time of year to start seeing them waking up from their nap.

I was living with roommates for a Bible school, but they had left the house and gone to the church building. I was all alone in the house with nothing to protect myself in case that bear got inside the house. Luckily,he was more interested in the barbecue grill than me, leaving him blindsided to me opening the window along with my hunting compound bow,

Before you judge me for  hunting a black bear, please read Washington State laws against bears. You would see that if they come around your property a few times, they pose a threat to human population. You either take care of it yourself or you call authorities to do it. Also,those vegetarians or vegans,yes I do eat bear meat and it taste so good.

One thing that I did not think of is, that shooting a bear with a  hunting compound bow which means an arrow would go through the bear, is that a bear still has the strength to run about 100 to 400 yards . Turns out, I  waited over an hour to get some help from my roommates to go looking for the bear,which also gave  me time to make sure that it was not alive when we got there. That would’ve been bad. Dragging it across about 100 yards through the woods, bushes, tree trunks that had fallen over was not a fun experience. But the bear was not a full-grown bear it was a younger male  about his 20s sort of say.

I’m sure that it was not the ideal hunting trip, but its like ordering Domino’s. Except your pizza is a 400 lbs black bear. Looking at it now, the bear was just hungry and looking for food, but then again my pizza came just in time.  I’ve heard many stories about planned hunting trips and sometimes things don’t go as planned. In my case, i couldn’t be more pleased with experience.


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