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Photo of Victor & Ellery Scherrer

Hi my name is Victor Scherrer. Born in 1993 in a small town in Brazil named Governador Valadares,MG. In December 2001, my family and I relocated to south florida with great expectation to start a new life here in the US.

Once arriving in Miami,FL, I was expectant to find Mickey and Minnie mouse just awaiting for us at the arrival gates. Needless to say, i was very disappointed. Once my parents told me we were moving to the US, my imagination went wild from all the Disney movies, that we would be living inside Disney World. As an 8 year old boy, i had limited knowledge of US geography therefore my imagination came to a screeching halt, coming to find that Florida is not all Disney World and Mickey Mouse. Reality hit me with 90 degree weather in December and humidity so high that felt as if I was taking a never-ending shower of sweat.

Slowly but surely I became used to having only two seasons a year here in Florida, Summer (September-April) and even hotter summer (May-August). Also, adapting to a new language was difficult but about six months into it, it became second nature.

I have spent most of my life here in Florida, with exceptions of short time spend in Massachusetts and Seattle,WA. Currently I reside in Orlando,Fl but planning on one day moving to a much quieter place in another state.

My occupations consist of working as a Dispatcher at Status Transportation and a Security Officer at Lake Highland Preparatory School. I have always geared my hobbies to learning web development, hunting, fishing as well as snowboarding.  Currently, I have also free-lanced web site development as well as Search Engine Optimization for a few clients.

I hope to continue expanding my knowledge and experience within the World Wide Web, learning new coding languages as well as branching my field of work.


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